What is digital content?

Images and visuals of digitally generated animations of 2D and 3D nature are created in accordance with the syllabus. They consist of both static scenes and dynamic images, to engage the student. While they attract the student on one hand, they also lessen the burden of the teacher in explaining the complex concepts. This content will enhance the memory retention of the student.

What is digital screen?

It is the medium on which you can watch the digital content. The screen multiplies as your teaching board (Black/Green/White), a Desk top and a Television. It enhances the beauty of the digital content. The content is displayed on it and the teacher can also use it as a board to write and draw. You may use it to show any videos using a pen drive. The screen can be used as a desktop and download YouTube videos if you have internet facility.

Is digital screen necessary?

Yes. The digital content needs a platform to be shown effectively. The relation between Digital content and the screen can be compared to cooking gas and the stove. You buy the stove once for all and refill the gas at regular intervals.  Similarly, your screen is a one-time investment and it serves you for more than 10 years. The combination of Digital Content and Digital Screen will give you optimum benefit. We have identified a couple of suppliers who can provide screens with the required features.

Can we write on the screen?

Yes. To explain the subject, whenever you want to write something on the screen, you may do it freely. With the joy stick, you can write on it. Or, even your finger can replace your regular piece of chalk to write on the screen. Since the teacher knows where some words / lines are required to be jotted he/she may do so at ease to show any relation between two concepts or two objects on the screen.

How long can the digital screen be used?

Since the usage varies, it’s not wise to conclude its life in years and the manufacturer says it works for a minimum of about 10,000 – 20,000 hours. However, for a layman’s understanding, we can say it is about 10 years (considering that a board is used for 4 hours a day and 250 working days a year). So, the investment is to be seen in the wake of its longevity. Anyway, the contest cost is very minimal, say 5to10% of the total fee paid by a student.

Can we bring down the teaching time using your digital content?

Yes. In fact, this is one of the major advantages of digital screen. When a concept can easily be explained with engaging animations, naturally the teaching time comes down drastically. Moreover, even a dull student can catch up and become active. The teacher can make use of the additional time in a more fruitful way and revise the topic for better understanding. Syllabus can be completed easily and is a great relief for the student, teacher and the institution as a whole.

Does it replace the teacher resulting in lakhs of teachers becoming jobless?

No. The student will have the comfort of his/her own teacher teaching him.  Their bonding will not be disturbed. In fact, it eases both teaching and learning of even difficult concepts. However, the teacher must update himself in tune with the changing times. This is inevitable and as such he/she should come forward to learn how to use the digital board. It is better to be late than never. Traditional teacher with updated technology will never be replaced. However, he must believe in the fact that digital alone is the future.

What impact can we expect on the student?

Seeing is believing. A picture is worth thousand words. The animated content is made in such way that the complex concepts are made easy to understand well. Even the dull student can reach an above average standard. The memory retention will be high and he will never feel boredom in the class. He can ask the teacher to revise and then the teacher can come back immediately to explain once again. On an ordinary board, once the diagram is erased, the teacher is forced to redraw and in most of the cases, he may skip doing so.

In what way is 5 MANTRA different from other educational apps methods?

The educational apps in the market try to replace the traditional teacher with whom the students have a bonding. The regular teacher knows the standard of the class and he/she decides the pace at which the teaching should go and adjusts accordingly. 5 MANTRA is the only solution to this major problem. Traditional teacher and the technology should go hand in hand for better results. In fact, the teacher here can’t afford to miss any topic since the content itself drives him and reminds him of the topics to be covered.

Is this only useful for English medium?

No. Since the syllabus is the same, Digital tools can be used for all languages and English medium. The difference in medium can only be felt in medium of teaching and not the digital content. The regional medium teacher is free to write the equivalent regional word on the screen.  In fact, this is an opportunity for the Regional Medium students to get equally familiarized with English terminology since more than 75% of them  opt for English medium in Intermediate (Plus One).

Is this useful for only offline teaching?

No. Be it offline or online the content of 5 MANTRA on digital screen makes its mark. When we say the traditional teacher is not replaced, it doesn’t mean that it is only offline. Just add a camera and your internet connection will make it online. In fact, the digital screen is more effective for online teaching also. The effectiveness of the digital content is clearly felt on smaller screens like Desktop, Tab and the Android phone. The supremacy of digital content on digital screen enhances the depth of the visual that pleases the eye.

Can I use your digital content for my tutorial college?

Definitely. The teacher at the tuition point knows exactly where to stop, where to explain more and which topics to be stressed. Even if the school has the same digital content, it is the method of teaching that makes all the difference. Student prefers tuitions only when they need an extra care and this is made possible by the tuition teacher. The digital screen glorified by the digital content and fortified by skillful teaching will result in success.

What happens if the syllabus is changed?

5 MANTRA is a dynamic platform. It is ready to modify any content as and when required. As we receive suggestions from the teaching community, parents and even from students, they will be scrutinized by our research team and the changes are carried out. Once the changes are effected, they are immediately notified to our subscribers. The official changes in syllabus are promptly infused in the digital curriculum as and when the Govt./ Board announces the additions / deletions / upgradation as the case may be.

Is it a policy of 5 MANTRA not to address the students directly?

No. Basically we believe in the concept of strengthening the hands of the school teacher. The core idea of this digital content lies in it. Though the academic year is delayed due to COVID epidemic, it is sure to resume soon and our content helps quick teaching for the teacher and quick grasping for the student. However, this is a hypothetical question and we are keeping the cards close to our chest on the future plans. As of now, it is B2B only and considering B2C option shall be decided at an appropriate time.

Do you train the teachers on usage of Digital screen and content?

Yes. The subscribers may name the teachers to be trained and we can arrange for online classes to see that they are familiarized with the digital screen. It takes only a few hours for the teachers since they are everyday learners to upgrade their subject knowledge. Since technology upgradation is inevitable the teaching community will be very much happy to get trained too. Once they are trained on the usage of screens, they will be voluntarily teaching their colleagues too.

If I buy the content for one year, do I need to depend on you for the next year too?

The digital content is not static. It is dynamic and there will be upgradation and changes to see that the content is more effective. The feedback from the subscribers will be evaluated and implemented for the betterment. So, the additional cost incurred for revamping the content will be charged for the old subscribers while the new subscribers will be asked to pay as per the original pricing.

How do I get your digital content for my school?

You may call our marketing team (Mobile Number given below). You need to choose the package, sign the agreement, subscribe and acquire the digital screen. You will be allowed to access with the help of the given username and password. The content will be made accessible at least a week in advance of your teaching schedules so that your teacher will also get acquainted with the content and he/she will prepare well for digital teaching.

Can our teachers also access the content?

It is advisable to give access to the teachers concerned so that they will be familiarized with the content available. Usually, they cannot misuse the content since the content is not downloadable. They can’t run a tuition point using this content since they don’t have a digital screen. You may provide us the IP addresses of the systems on which you are accessing the content so that the security is tightened. The content is in our servers and we bear the cost of storage. You will only be given access to use it.

Do you water mark your content?

A lot of research and hard work has gone into the making of the content and we need to protect our Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). The IT and Legal wings of 5 MANTRA have taken every required step to protect the content. Water marking is one of the obvious ways to ensure protection apart from other legal means. 5 MANTRA will see to it that the watermark shall not obstruct the quality of the visual. There are various other measures to avoid illegal usage and to unearth any such attempts so that we can proceed legally against those who circumvent the legal acquisition procedure.

How do you ensure timely delivery of the content?

We are following the regular lesson plan and the schedules of the State Government run schools. As such we are ahead of the syllabus to be completed.  There will not be any delay in delivery of the content and 5 MANTRA believes in being ahead of schedule. Even the COVID crisis couldn’t stop it from creating the content. Deadlines are scrupulously followed and the content shall be delivered in time to see that the schools can complete the syllabus by the end of December itself. This leaves more than a 3 month window for revision.

In what way does the digital content help our school?

The blackboard, the distance between the teacher and the backbencher, burden of the teacher to repeatedly draw again and again on the board for revision, boredom of the student to watch the dull board, lesser retention of memory with dull drawings are all the disadvantages of the traditional teaching. Now, with the usage of Digital Screen and the Digital Content, your school can reap the benefits of digitization. Thus, 5 MANTRA can convert your disadvantage into digi-advantage.

How do we acquire digital screens?

We have discussed with a large number of suppliers and zeroed in on a couple of international players who can offer screens at competitive prices. The screens are cost effective and are loaded with many features that are futuristic. They can gel with the digital content easily and above all, they are user friendly. Even a lay person completely new to basic computer operations can get acquainted with it within no time. They are also ready to offer Digital Screens on reasonable EMIs, subject to their terms and conditions. Tentatively each digital screen is roughly priced at around Rs. 1.5 lakhs plus or minus 5%.

Is the price of the digital content going to be high?

You must be aware of the fact that there are 24 frames per second in a drawn animation. That says the number of drawings required for creating one second of the visual. You may imagine the creativity, labor and time that goes in generating such engaging animations. As George Carlin has rightly put it “The caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity.” We take all the pain to see that you will get all the praise from your students. We try our best to lessen your burden by attracting more subscribers.

Are there any packages and discounts available?

Yes. Some of the institutions may be availing content for 8th, 9th and 10th classes. Some may ask for NEET long term coaching. Some more may afford to subscribe only for 10th class. Naturally, the packages are different. Promotional discount may be offered for a bulk subscriber. You will get more details if you shoot your queries to our Marketing Dept. on the Mobile Number given at the bottom.

I have a cable channel. Can I subscribe and use this content?

No, it is purely for educational institutions. The terms and conditions of sale clearly mentions this in the Usage clause. Even if an educational institute misuses the content, the license / agreement to use the content stands cancelled and deposit forfeited apart from being liable for legal action. It is a serious crime to circumvent the terms of usage.

Is customized /while labeled content possible?

Yes. It is possible, provided you are ready to pay for your exclusivity. We have a team of well experienced researchers and creative animators, we will be able to deliver on dot. However, it is not cost-effective unless the organization runs at least 100 branches with about 1000 screens. For small to medium level schools, it is not advisable to go for customized content.  Our solution is created to protect the interests of managements, teachers on one hand and the students and parents on the other.

Is the digital content loaded in the digital screen we buy?

No. It is just like your TV where the programs are not loaded in advance. The screen and the content are entirely different but inter-dependent. The screen is a platform and the digital content is a tool. While the screen enhances the richness of the content, the content empowers the board, teacher and the student. One cannot reap the benefits of the digital content unless he/she has a digital screen and vice versa.